Motti Alfassi
 Mobile: (310) 770-2595

Motti Alfassi is the Controller at Pegasus Asset Management, where he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company’s accounting department. Specifically, Mr. Alfassi oversees Pegasus Asset Management’s client reporting, property reconciliations, establishment of internal accounting controls, and audit functions. Mr. Alfassi is primarily responsible for optimizing the portfolio’s accounting performance whereby he assists in maximizing the value and performance of the underlying asset’s value for clients and property owners.

Prior to joining Pegasus Asset Management in 2019, Mr. Alfassi was a Senior Accountant at Robertson Properties Group, where he was responsible for internal accounting functions for the firm’s portfolios. In this role, Mr. Alfassi was involved with producing monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial reports, preparing and reconciling common area maintenance budgets for both tenants and properties, managing cost accounting and overseeing the portfolio’s accounts receivables.

Before joining Robertson Properties Group, Mr. Alfassi was an Accounting Manager at Held Properties, where he held this position for over 10 years. While at Held Properties, Mr. Alfassi assisted in the preparation of financial reports, reconciled common area maintenance budgets, held the role of Payroll Manager, assisted in portfolio internal and external audits, and oversaw the portfolio’s collections.

Mr. Alfassi received his B.S. in Business Administration with emphasis on finance and real estate from California State University, Northridge in 2003 and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their three children.